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Q: Why are your rates so low compared to other translation firms?
A: We make our money on volume and not on price. We would much rather be in a position to provide our staff with a regular flow of income. By keeping our rates low, there is a constant flow of projects. Budgeting is easier and my clients are very loyal. Last year alone, over 65% of our business came from referrals and word of mouth advertising. At year end, our firm pulls in more revenue than the firms that charge up to $0.22 per word, and our clients are happier!

Q: What language combinations do you offer?
A: Strictly French to English and English to French. We have enlisted the services of other freelance translators (I.e. Italian and Spanish) in the past, however, because we are not in the position to review the final projects ourselves and because these translators are not salaried employees, we try our best to avoid other languages unless our client’s are in dire need. Another reason is that we set up our team with all the hardware and all the resources and software they require. Procedures and rules set out in our internal best practice guide must be followed. We’d have little control of this if we were to deal with external (freelance) translators. Even then, because we would have to use external proofreaders at a premium, we’d have to pass these costs off to our clients and we do not wish to be known as the translating company whose costs are high.

Q: We often have rush jobs that require fast turnaround and it would be crucial that you are available What are the hours we can contact you and expect to be able to reach you? How easy are you to reach?
A: It is very easy to get in touch with us. Unless we are out of town for meetings, conferences or professional development courses, you can reach us 7 days/week, 24 hours/day! In the rare event that you must leave a message, our translators verify their voice mail regularly and they also provide regular clients with their personal cell numbers.
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