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Q: Who are some of your loyal (repeat) clients?
A: Our loyal clients include the American Bar Association, Milwaukee Tools,Canadian Coop Association, Minto Hotels and Realties, many international hotel chains and numerous international software firms.

Q: What is your comfortable "word per day" capacity?
A: It is difficult to answer this question with definite certainty as it depends on the type of translation. Should you decide to use our services, we will review the material requiring translation and will respect our commitment. At that time you will be able to judge our output. Many of our clients have commented positively. None have commented negatively.

Q: What software are you familiar with? Your web site makes it sound as if you can use them all - do you?
A: We use Quark Express, PageMaker, FrameMaker, Fireworks, MS Excel, MS Word, WordPerfect, Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator, PhotoShop, etc. Yes, pretty much all of them, and if we don't have the software to deliver ready for print, the decision to purchase it or not lies with our technical team.

Q: How many people work in your company?
A: Six people. Many of our translators work from their home office. Overhead is kept at a minimum this way, and we schedule weekly conference calls. Depending on the scope of certain projects, it sometimes occurs that we meet every day. We meet in person every 2nd Tuesday of the month.

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