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AFC is about technical proficiency and that is what differentiates us.

The founders of the company were key contributors to the technology boom of the 1990s working with various high tech companies, marketing agencies and consultants. In 1997, they combined their strengths to incorporate Anglo-Franco Communications Ltd.

Today, AFC is one of the most reputable translation and localization companies in Canada. AFCs steady and sustained growth reinforces its reputation for its unparalleled quality and focus on customer service and customer satisfaction.

AFC delivers over 10 years of experience that includes the legal, technical, marketing, Information Technology, Pharmaceutical/Medical, and eBusiness sectors. They are also uniquely positioned in this industry with the capacity to translate directly in the source code. (Visual Basic, Visual C++, HTML, Java, ASP, PHP, etc.)

"We are positioned as leaders in the translation and localization industry and we are very passionate at what we do." - Isabelle McCann, President

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