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Translation is the heart of AFC’s business. On average, AFC translates over 1500 projects annually within various industries and has been doing so for over 10 years. We are committed to excellence, unsurpassed customer service and providing you with peace of mind. Gaining a client’s trust as a repeat client is our version of a “thumbs up”.

Unlike many translation companies in the market, we DO NOT use software to translate any part of a project. Many translation firms will have you believe that they do everything manually - that they do not run projects through translation engines and then simply ‘brush’ up the work. The fact is that many do, and because this tactic is rarely revealed, many companies get away with it. To the trained professional however, this pretranslation is evident by a lack of consistency and flow. In essence, ‘tidying up’ or correcting a project that has been run through a translation engine will undoubtedly result in a ‘biased’ translation. The end result may actually end up being grammatically correct, but more often than not, it loses its impact on the reader.

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